SZ (19/02/1990 / )


heart beating,
tears falling fast
don't know how long this feeling will last
should i give up because of my past

want to see the light
dont want to die,
want the pain
want to suffer
want to watch my blood go down the drain

getting stressed,
its hard to cope
should i give in
should i tie my rope?

jumping off a chair with the noose round my neck,
the threads tighten and i begin to fade
is this rope really well made?

the rope was frale and old
i soon start to slip from its hold
i hit the floor and scan the room
i find a penknife beneath the gloom

the blade is looks sharp as i test it out
i soon hear my parents begin to shout
as i hold my arm out i start to cut
blocking the pain out by closing my eyes shut

the blade in my skin, this hurt returns
i think i forgot how much it burns
blood drips fast,
i wonder how much longer i'm goin to last
did i cut too heavy
did i cut too deep?
i start to worry as i begin to fall from my feet

with my head on the floor
its time to let go
the blood now slowly begins to flow

before i go i have one final goodbye
please promise me you'll never cry
im sorry for what you're going through
im sorry for the hate it was all untrue

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Nice presentation. God bless. .....P K Roy
hope its ok.. doesnt seem that good to me.. would love feedback.. thanks