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JMB (February 13,1990 / Sydney)


Poem By Jessie Mahoney Bathis

Uncared for,
The feeling of always being lonely.
Unwanted in this world,
Is the greatest poverty.
One does not realise,
How down some people are.
It’s not always physical abuse,
Emotional abuse, too, leaves a scar.
How can we help these people?
What can we possibly do?
These feelings can happen to anyone.
To me, or you.
It can be from something in your past or present,
We ask ourselves, who? Where? And Why?
What do these people feel?
Why do they cry?
There is much we do not know,
Much that we can not see.
They are no different from ourselves.
Because you’re lost in life, you are no different from me.
We must understand,
People can be saved.
What a difference a helping hand or a smile makes,
It’s not always a waste.

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