Depression envelopes my being,
its' tenticles wrapped tightly around,
my mind and heart, dark and confused,
as it pulls me towards the ground.

Helpless and afraid,
with no energy to fight back,
it slowly drags me into a hole,
bottomless and black.

I always scream for help,
yet no one hears my calls,
my anquish is mine, and mine alone,
as are my tears that fall.

There is no one who can rescue me,
perhaps they do not care,
and as I am slipping into myself,
I'm consumed with fear and despair.

A tunnell full of memories,
which my mind and heart regrets,
are swirlling all around me,
those nightmares I can't forget.

No one even notices,
that I'm no longer there,
No rope has ever been thrown my way,
to pull me from dispair.

And as I am spiraling downward,
into my ocean of sorrow,
all I can see are my yesterdays,
which have tainted my future tomorrows.

Slowly and deeper I am plunged into,
the midst of my heartaches,
and it is there, in the rotting core,
that my pain is stored away.

by Ruth warren

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Believe, me. We notice you are here! Another excellent poem, Ruth. A 10.
Hear quick grab a rope, don't sink! Your work is so deep. So well written, great insight. Patricia