Why Travel Around The World?


I want to go to Hongkong
In Disneyland rides I will enjoy
I want to go to Thailand
In superb beach’s sand I will stand

I want to go to Michigan
With cold snow I will play
I want to go to India
To see the famous Taj Majal

I want to go Italy
In famous love boats I will ride
I want to go to Dubai
In seven-star hotel I will dine

But why spent too much traveling
Wherein all I need is just here
Sitting beside you my baby
Gives me all the pleasure I need


by scarlet red

Comments (14)

I appreciate the matter-of-fact and frank nature of this write. I think it also has a nice flow, and the last two lines are the strongest. Thx for this write! I wrote various poems on mental-illness, perhaps if you have time you ill be able to peruse my own? Blessings! NS
I felt this as I read it. Great job. Also, ignore the personwho said they laughed at it, as they've obviously nevver had depression or gone through anything.
I laughed so hard at this
Such a nice write... Last line I love the most.... You can't understand unless you suffer .... Keep it up.. Naila
Depression is negative. We must allow it to go through.
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