Shadow of dark,
Chasing me,
Never leaves me,
Wants to eclipse me

I run and run to nowhere,
So it left me,
It become a habit now,
To run and stop.
To run and stop.

One day when I look,
Back to it, it went away,
But following me like a hunter,
I know that.

If I was lucid dreaming
I would have
Shot the sadness,
With gun,
Make it
Finished the dawn.

My palms were in shivers
And frozen.
I drank all drops of
sorrows one day,
Thought its gone
It was good for somedays.
Then it came again.

It puts me in a dark room,
next day,
I didn't shred any tears
This time,
As I was already
I coudn't be destroyed
one more time.

Shadow of darkness,
Still Chase me,
Maybe still follows me,
But I can take more hits on it,
I forgive it.

by Deep Doloi Songs

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