Poem By Patrick William Kavanagh

You smiled, as you passed me, the other day,
I almost missed it, as shyly you looked down,
Too slow, too lost in thought, I missed the chance,
You never saw my wistful, wishful look,
You carried on without a backward glance.

Yesterday, upon the stairs, through the rush of screaming kids,
I walked behind you just to bathe in your perfume,
Impossible to reach you, I just filtered out the noisy throng,
I watched you walk into your room.
You closed the door and you were gone.

I wanted to befriend you, when you first arrived,
Just place my tray upon your table in the staff canteen,
A dozen times I walked up to you, just to walk on by,
and not a look, or smile, or word would come,
My need, my shyness, struck me dumb.

I never thought that I would ever feel this way.
Twenty years of marriage, loving husband, happy kids,
When you are near, they all just seem a world away,
I must be mad. I realise, that just one kiss, one warm embrace,
and I would throw it all away.

Please turn around, turn around and see the longing in my eyes,
The gift of pleasure, mixed with dull confusion in your eyes.
Your smile widens and I feel your interest as my body trembles with excitement and desire,
A dull dead log was I, your cool green eyes have set my womb on fire,
A slow walk, a quiet talk, the date is made,
and all the world may burn for my desire.


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