The world is falling
I can't seem to keep in reality
my life is growing dim
I can't see from behind me

My thoughts race
All I feel is pain
and of course parents say
no pain no gain

but this pain is different
it hurts my heart
it has and it hurts
inside my heart

What is this pain
that I feel inside
that is called depression
and that's what you are trying to hide

I constantly think of bad things
like sadness and lonlyness
but that isn't the word
the right word is depressed

but why am I depressed
I am as happy as I can be
but on the inside you hurt
and it's depression you see

The only way out
of this dreadful hell
is to try and heal
what is making you dwell

But I don't know
what could it be?
well it could be
my father drinking?

yes that's it
I have found the key
to me being depressed is my dad
and his drinking

so now what do I do
Hell is so bad
well you need to go
and talk to your dad

I know it seems hard
and you are scared
but don't be afraid
if he loves you then he cares

So that's what I did
and I am no longer sad
but I can tell you one thing
I am no longer in hell... and no longer sad

so now I feel better
and you should to
and when you find out why
what are you going to do?

Do what's right
it comes out for the best
and then you feel happy
and no longer a mess

by shelbie bozeman

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Thank you for your comment for my poem, 'Dreams are where love -' You express to reflect very well. Life experience are where Muses' discover special 'Ink' I've 'done a 'Dig' from the depths of my own antiquity, especially for you; no other comment will serve as well. ...louie levy -------- Depression Freed Soul searching Within tortuous chambers Imprisoned spirits among restless walls Loves light in darkness Blind visions of past torments Captured freedom Self imposed Rescued feelings Liberating-ly, composed.. © 1992...louie levy ------- Desolation Self thoughts of visions Obscured of ones self Lost in caverns of oblivious light Bats in a belfry Not one here in sight Darkened silence Searching for sounds Fleeting feelings Unleashed of bounds Kneeling for guidance No escape! Trapped by our own... M i n d l e s s t a p e~~~~~~ as such, the mindless tape of machines, unlike our own, void of soul, emulate what we think is spiritual. We become that which we extend of ourselves, a mechanism, a' times, out of control. © 1995...louie levy
i really enjoyed this. very well written
That was a very good poem, was it true? If not you have a great imagination.