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Depression Choices

Depression.....apart of my life.
The pain cuts me like a knife.
Somedays Im fine,
The others is not the greatest of mine.
Im Happy...Im Sad...Im Excited...Im Mad.
Dont know how to explain this feeling inside,
The one im trying to hide.
The one no one sees.
The part that gets the best of me.
Somedays I look forward to the adventure out in this big world.
Other days Im a scared little girl.
I love this life just all this pain makes me sad inside.
We only have one life to live with the option to take or give.
Ill cherish every moment that makes me laugh.
Ill try to forget every moment that makes me sad.
Ill try to pull myself together.
Get along with people better.
If I dont then Ill have no choice but not to carry on.
Eventually somehow/someway the pain will be gone.

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