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Depression: H E L P
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Depression: H E L P

Poem By Paige Unknown

I felt the blade on my skin
Now that it's gone I want it again
I wanted to feel the blood trickle down
So I dug my knife in and carved it around
Searing pain, up my arm
But I saw no blood so I did it again.
I wanted red, but all I got was pain
So over and over I dug that knife in.
I soon found out my problem,
After many strokes,
This knife was not sharp enough,
My skin barely broke.
So I grabbed a different one
and set back to work
I wanted that blood, no matter what it took.
And for the second time, to my dismay
This knife wasn't sharp enough,
So I tossed it away.
Grabbing another I stabbed it in deep,
The pain was immense, I felt my heart leap.
But when I looked down, I still saw no red
So I grabbed my other knife and kept pushing in.
All this time I had been writing the same thing
In the same spot, each time with increased pain.
I wrote these letters
as they burned into my heart
Thought they weren't bloody,
they still will scar.

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