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Depression Said
ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

Depression Said

Poem By Amy Louise Kerswell

Do you no who I am?
I am no saint I am no lamb.
I make you live in terror.
This you can not sever.
I live in your head.
I must be fed.
I need the taste of your blood.
Filling me like a flood.
I love how it flows like a river.
Always making you quiver.
You thought you were so stroung.
But you couldnt of been any more wrong.

I am your soul.
I am keeping you whole.
I love to watch you drool.
You are nothing but a fool.

I will never go.
This you must know.
I am your history your now and I am the futer.
I am your second minute and hour.
I am an insane cannibal.
Just like a crazed animal.
I will eat you from the inside out.
This you will have no doubt.

Do you know who I am?
I am no saint I am no lamb.
Have you become wise?
That I am the devil in diguise.

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Comments (3)

Gurl you know what I have realize that this is so true! ! ! ! This is what Depression actually says. I love it. Excellent work! ! Favorite poem. WOW I love how you wrote this. This is so hot that no one can touch it! Go head and keep up the good work.
that is so what depression said lol wonderful write
Good 1 that's a hot write Amy