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Poem By Cynthia Salinas

Depths I try not know
Though my heart tells me so.
The boy, guy, peer I dream,
Mysterious like the uncertainty of a midsummer’s night dream.
Smiling with pride as I see him every day,
He stands tall like the mountain on high,
He’s always with his sun, her gleam towards him makes me sigh
As I like a shadow hides from the sun in the sky,
Dwelling the sun turn black raven, like foe.
Who’s companion is the one I dream of so.
Close by like a fly she is by his side
Black raven, scavenger sadly is my friend as well as foe,
Though she may not know that I am dreaming of him so.
Never will the truth array from the depth
And so I try to hide while he’s not by my side.

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