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Depths Of My Heart

Drowning and drowning in a sea of sorrow
grasping for breath i cant wait for
tommorow to come
plummeting downward
I cant touch the ground
suffocating in a pit of blackness
why can't someone be near?

come and rescue me
help me from the darkness
bring me into the light to be seen
i'm falling and falling
people push me down
the air around me has been poisoned
yet they all breath it in
am I the only one who sees?

you cannot help me i realize that now
I am the only one who can help myself
what am i to do?

I cant hold my breath
I try to grasp at the light
in the distance
slowly and slowly i move towards the light
demons at my heels dont ease my journey
they try and choke me into lonely
crawling and dueling
trying to make my way
clawing at it
but not getting far
just out of my grasp
tears stream down my cheeks
losing my grasp and fall
watching the light

it disappears

by Alicya Trevor

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