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Der Alte
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Der Alte

Big and Tall,
with a
formidable mind.
Full of talent
and always searching to find
all of life's answers
by the end of today.

And demanding, oh my!
'Study hard, do not lie! ',
'You must strive to know all
or in disgrace you'll fall! '

'Ahhh, your grades, let me see:
Nineteen A's and one B?
Why the B? '-you'd accuse?
You are not filling my shoes.'

You encouraged all sports,
even showed how it's done.
And we liked your support
of occasional fun.

All in all, now you're dead,
you're not Papa no more,
we will call you the name
that we called you before.
'Cause we think if you had
over all these years,
with the teachings and beatings
and the standardised tears,
if you'd smiled even once
when we brought you a cuppa:
We'd remember you as
our wonderful Papa....

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