Deranged And Vulnerable

Poem By Joanne Kearsey

I hate letting people into myself because I feel too open,
I need to keep myself hidden to keep myself together,
I have left myself open for you to love you but I despise you for it,
You know me a little too well than I am comfortable with.

You are the enemy I have to keep close to me,
I have come to love you despite whats gone before,
I thought I could never leave myself so readily open again,
But now that you are here i don't care anymore.

Casting out the demons that have yet again tried to regain control,
How will I be able to keep them away without you here?
But then again how can I protect myself from the demons that you keep?
I don't want to lose you but you are the one now that I fear!

I am more than a little curious as to how you intend on keeping me alive,
For I cannot preserve myself from danger anymore,
This halo that hung above my head has fallen from it's place,
Choking me 'til I cant breath as well as before.

I need you here to hold more than ever but I don't see why I should trust you,
You have stolen my world but I was never there to begin with,
There was nothing but a shell to be taken out of place,
And yet I am, with you, complete because of this.

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