Derby And Joan.

There they sit, day by day,

They do not talk, there is nothing to say.

Darby and Joan the eighties for bye.

Enjoying the Sun and the light blue sky.

They smile to each other a tender smile.

Theirs has been truly a life worth while.

Children give them a great delight.

They feed the birds, a wonderful sight.

Then one day they are no more there.

Gone forever in God's good care.

Memories dim others take there place.

Things seem to quicken at a much faster pace.

Soon I will sit with my lovely wife.

Darby and Joan as large as life.

We too will be slow and not have much to say.

But our love will live on, until one day.

Some-one will notice that we have gone away.

Away to a place where love will reign.

And we will be young and living again.

by Bernard Shaw

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It's a love story, baby just say YES!