Dermie Keeffe

He was not that well known outside of Millstreet
For he was one who did not crave renown
But Dermie Keeffe a man I will remember
As one of the gentler souls of Millstreet Town.

To God and to the church he was devoted
And he was in Millstreet Chapel every day
And though not a priest than many of them better
And of others he only had good to say.

He was never mentioned of as one with athletic talents
Or never heard that he played hurling or football
Many place sports people on a high pedestal
Though as people some of them not good at all.

Some clericals and so called devout people
Are not what others make them out to be
You cannot judge the book just by the cover
The contents you have to peruse and see.

And Dermie Keeffe was one true to his colours
He had a genuine warmth in his smile
He was an honest and a caring person
And in his kind heart no room for greed or guile.

I talk of Dermie Keeffe as in the past tense
When for all I know he may be living still
He was one of the nicest of good people
In that old Town by ancient Clara hill.

by Francis Duggan

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