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Profess! In these give fortunes seldom chance,
when words aver with love's last whispered power,
that wonted life give fear over romance,
and shames ignite each hell's forbidden hour.
What binds the unsought self to cold caress,
forevermore enslaved 'til hopes say, Yes;
Yes; whose kisses part temptation's wanton lips,
life's flames enlarged, embraced with passion's fire.
Her nectar pours each moment's hurried sips,
as love lifts yearnings' salutation higher.
So longing lives, be happy or be less:
Set yourself free, surrender and Be! Say, Yes!

-March 13,2006

by David Zvekic

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I found it rather brilliant. But then, I know the author, so I may be biased... On second thought, nope, it's still brilliant.