Description Of The Mystical Trance By Plotinus 2 -

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Description Of The Mystical Trance By Plotinus 2 - -

Plotinus says in another part of the same treatise that Ecstasy is an expansion or accession, a desire of contact, rest, and a striving after ‚conjunction‘. All the phases of the contemplative experience seem to be summed up in these words above.
Ecstasy itself is a practical matter and has its root, not in reason, but in a deep seated passion for the Absolute which is far nearer to the mystic's love of God than to any intellectual curiosity, however sublime.
The few passages in which it is mentioned tell us what his mystical genius drove him to do: and not what his philosophical mind encouraged him to think or say.
Plotinus the ecstatic is sure, that the union with God is a union of hearts and that more than by thought, by love, he may be hidden in God. (Plotinus, Ennead vi.9) .

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The mystical trance rides higher than all philosophies. It is the higher consciousness that makes its presence felt through mystical love. Narayana Bhattatiripad in Narayaneeyam describes it as Madhura bhakti. Dear Tony, i love reading all your mystical poems. Thank you.100+++
An excellent first hand account of how the mystic enters into union with the divine without input of any kind from the mind. A simple union of Plotinus' heart with the heart of the absolute in divine love. A wonderful insight into mystical love, which I thank you for sharing dearest Tonyyyyy...
Plotinus the ecstatic is sure, that the union with God is a union of hearts and observation expressed here is not only philosophical but also historical. An amazing poem is shared here.10

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