! Desecrated Poems/Floating Hyperlink Invasion (Ph Advertising Commentary 2009)

In 2009, hyperlinks started showing up within the body of the poem. This was my protest against it.

Hyperlinks that move from one word to a different word when you revisit the poem.

Hyperlinks are popping up
Within posted poems again
They are blue, underlined
And slightly bolder in
Text and that forces an
Artificial emphasis
On the hyperlinked word
Sometimes changing the
Perceived meaning of
The poem - very distracting
Like an ad being placed
On a sculpture or within
A painting - it changes the
Art in a way not approved
By the artist - the medium
Poets/writers use is not
Paint, charcoal, marble, etc.
But words and the words are being
Desecrated by these floating
Moving, unstable hyperlinks

by Alice Vedral Rivera

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