Poem By Jon Lloyd

Can't let myself be crushed again,
By the merciless indiscriminate beast called love.

Won't let myself be pushed again,
Or pulled or ripped apart again, or shoved.

I'm finished off where love's concerned -
It only serves to cause me pain and strife.

I'm just a moth, too often burned,
Who stops his flame-quest lest it claims his life.

©2005 Jon Lloyd

Comments about Desensitisation

Jon, I think this is superb. Declan has proved himself correct though, in his comment below.... but a grand write. I am particularly taken by the expressiveness of the second line.
I like this poem... its simple and relays a feeling of 'no feeling' or detachment which we all know is the first sign of real pain.
Hi, found poem after you left me a comment. I agree with Declan about this poem-if I could only count the times I swore to never fall again. Pandora opened the box...hope flew out and thats why we fools, never really give up.
I know the sentiment Jon but it never lasts. Even flame proof moths feel the heat.

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