Poem By ...C Cleverly

An absoluteness shorn by wind.
Yellow sea, isles of yellow rocks;
Free of contradictions.
No walls, portals nor windows,
Just nothing and the
Contemplation of nothing.

Don't ask me for forgiveness
To absolve your mysteries.
For no sorry nor sorrow worries,
Nor caprice nor princely wishes,
Nor bitter hopes nor sweet hatreds
Survive this desert brow.

And don't look for meanings
In the scorched dust of the air
Or parched dust of your feet,
For water or for wood, empty
Of thought yet full of wonder
For the emphatic of No is here.

Comments about Desert

The mystery of every natural entity adds to the beauty of it. The riches of a desert have been well portrayed by you, Chris Cleverly. Keep yourself unique in thoughts and musings...
It flows so freely and has a unique perspective.

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4,8 out of 5
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