Desert Desertion

Ive forgtten the path and strayed from thou course
like a cowboy who has somehow lost his horse
wandering aimlessly amoungst the desert plants
making himself busy like the desert ants
this way and that life pulls the lonely man
He keeps his brim low to keep out the sand
because dust blows here out in the american west
it can chew you up and put you to the test
take your values and strip them away
and you sigh as they part and beg them to stay
but what are values when no one gives them weight
like honesty and chivalry? dead to this date
so easy it would be to silence the voices inside
they tell me somethings wrong when i have lied
who cares if i told a lie to another
in ths world hes not considered my brother
but there was a time and a place i know
that love was not just something on a tv show
it wasnt three words you say with fast breath
its something you said and did untill death
so bring me down with your pessimistic minds
wear me down like a river that grinds
grind away my dreams wear away my soul like bits of sand
wear me down untill i am no longer a man
just a shadow a vacant shell of what once was
im this way now forever because....

by Sean FitzPatrick

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