Desert Games

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

And the moon hesitated,
on the way home, at shift's end,
to look at heavy clouds of desert dust
which seemed to travel at
an ungodly rate of speeeeeeeeeeed,
through cacti, laughing at balls of
tumbling spinifex and gray, bedazzled hares,
blinded by Daimler high beams.

It was action that even Silver Moon,
who had seen practically everything
was unwilling to ignore, struth and all,
with sharp and calculating eyes,
and cold-blooded cognitive ability
it took just seconds for the old Cheddàr
to know and marvel at the torque
that put the wilderness into its place.

And for the balance of the morning,
a round full moon was seen, relaxing
incongruous in company to a bright sun,
until, reluctantly, the fuel getting low
Quick Juliette went home to have
a little nap and dream about tonight.

Comments about Desert Games

'Desert Games' from Down Under. This is really lovely, Herbert. It is playful, warm, and so well written. Raynette
Absolutely lovely Herbert. I enjoyed this one.
Nice Herbert! I loved the imagery.....and the thought of your new friend...... :)
Herbert this is good enough to go in your e-book though most of your poems are long ones so you might have to do a book of about 700 short poems followed by 50 long poems otherwise they might run short on paper and another book on all the fun you have had with blokes like pearson, england, i wont name the others you could call it' WAR AND POETRY' OR' WHY WONT THE BLOOD WASH OFF' anyway all the best Herbert Warm regards allan

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