JR (1943 / USA)

Desert Lanscape

A serene horizon rends land from sky,
Where vistas run long to valleys' floor.
Serpentine beds where streams ran dry,
Affords allusions of waters roar.

Dunes are wrought by shifting sand,
Yet hardly whispers a noticeable sound.
Wind is an artisan with a master’s hand,
Where deserts are its playground.

Sun marks the rhythm for a daily beat,
Animation endures more slowly here.
Movement is considered a noble feat,
When change is measured by the year.

Severed of water for countless days,
Mirages dance light on wavy shores.
Here life thrives in thrifty ways,
Harboring secrets in small wet stores.

Nature's pallet is aroused by rain,
Colors displayed deserving a king.
Crowning glory on hilltops reign,
A cycle unbroken in verve of spring.

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This is a lovely poem and I can picture it as I read. Not only does it paint a picture but it defines as well. Nicely done Jimmie.