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Desert Storm
JR James Ronan (1943 / USA)

Desert Storm

Replete of light against dark sky,
A vibrant halo speaks of change.
Wispy mares' tails hint peril is nigh,
Stealthily lurks on far-off range.

Clouds loom dark like a locust swarm,
Stalking creatures on anxious flight.
Senses heighten in a desert storm,
As nature flaunts her awesome might.

Ribbons of fire rips a fabric of gray,
Creatures are humbled by awesome roars.
Winds summon raindrops to play,
And tempests provoke its downpours.

Though cataracts rush off somewhere,
Only small change trails its wake.
Depleting stream beds begin nature's repair,
And life pauses amid rhythm's break.

Departing clouds beckon warmth again,
Stir scent and sound of a desert reborn.
A bow's promise for receding rain,
Insures life’s circle in its newborn.

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What could be more lovely and exciting than a storm in the desert. Reminds me of John Denver song. This is lovely and very well penned. Susan