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(((Design-(The Fabric Of Our Life?)))
TTO ( / Washington State)

(((Design-(The Fabric Of Our Life?)))

Carnegie Hall has nothing on you...
Your design 'tis quite divine-?
Vice president of fabric-a velvet King...?
A Grand Master of Interior Design;

New York-it 'surely' loves you...
Michigan gave you your B.A. degree-
Chicago taught your interior- very well...
While you pulled the Wool over my eyes that now see;

A designer of pretence and scamming?
Caught up in your textile most divine?
Selling New York or 'tis it Newark?
You know longer fool these green eyes of mine;

Too used to people befriending me...
Now- too used to all of their lies...
Trust? whats that? lying to me flat...
You really take the the prize;

An 'altruistic' booby trap just waiting?
To think that i almost believed-
Michigan and Illinois must love you...
Just wonder how many others you have deceived?

What is the real name of your racket, anyway?
In collusion with some of my so-called-friends?
Taking a bite out of the Big Apple...
I can now forsee your most crooked end;

Dedicated to: Rockville Centre, New York
And to the man of many faces. (2007)


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