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Designs Of Mother Nature
( / Connecticut)

Designs Of Mother Nature

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

The designs of Mother Nature,
Are often explained.
But an escaping from the pattern,
Mother Nature makes...
Offers few and limited places,
To run to feel safe 'anywhere' to escape.

And as history has shown,
Advanced civilizations escavations revealing...
To be unearthed and known,
Mother Nature has yet to show favor...
To those sophisticated with updated weapons,
With priorities to destroy what Mother Nature deploys.

'God and Mother Nature has nothing to do with it! '

Maybe that's why your beliefs are repeatedly defeated.
With an insisting upon not listening to comprehend.
But willing to defend and 'assume' with no end,
You can do as you please with a creating of your doom.
And each time this lesson is taught to bring to your attention,
You 'believe' you have been chosen to extinguish your existence.

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