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*** Desire ***

Desire intends to merge
With addiction
Crossfire, in between the feat
Body wasting…
Mind jumps into brazen pool
Honey melts, drips in crushes
Soul catching soul
Diaphragm of craving enlarges
Waves of blood, rush incessantly
Desire floods the veins
Longing invades taste
As long as the Sun is alive
I can see the hope, shining so bright
As long as the nights, painted in blue
I can see the twining possible
Dear, dearer dearest
Catch me…
Let me breathe your soiled love
Weighed in heavy drooling lust
Allow me to swim in your ocean of devotion
Drown…die smiling
Desire defeats desire
Decorative euphony

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Your choice of words and images is superb and involving. Very good. Thanks
Let me breathe your soiled love Weighed in heavy drooling lust... desie is mother of. all evvils.. good work and above all powerful words with excpression
Each time i read this poem my heart melts i love it i realy realy love it my only thought was of you posting it in a newspaper where maybe someone will notice it and convince you to make your own poetry book :) great job luv always (well ur poems lol we never realy met) keep doing what your doing.
It's the longing for satisfaction that heightens the desire within us. Wow. This is beautifully crafted. You deserved to be among the tops. Congratulations!
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