Poem By Mihaela Pirjol

We cannot aspire to that, which is already dead,
And there is no solace in delusion;
We should save the present for future memories;
Thus, to remember we had a life we lived.

No soul that is born alone and dies alone ever pertain
To anyone, on this mortal realm of mortals;
Nothing we are, but an evanescent breath of air;
Utopian significance of being insignificant.

How a superbus phallus in carnal pleasure dies,
That ephemeral all these earthly passions are;
Like the face of moon from dusk till dawn,
When sun replace its ardour with other kind of warmth.

Why consume our breath in yearning, suspiration?
Desire's flame needs oxygen, —and that will suffocate us;
The chastity of senses shall purge our spirits pure,
And rise above this Life whose claim is to endure.

Comments about Desire

Only those desires that haven't been realised live on. - Nice 5+ and one of my favs
Wonderful poem. I have longed myself and tried a few times to write a poem or essay on desire. But I have ended up each time deleting the lines or tearing up the paper. Desire is such a big thing and the older I become, the clearer it becomes to me that the desire to be kind and good, is perhaps the one bringing us closest to true happiness
powerful poem on life, I really appreciate it.. I love to write as well, have my own poetry so please check my site 2 :)
A wonderful poem on desire.....well crafted and conveyed! Thanks for sharing!
The chastity of senses shall purge our spirits pure, And rise above this Life whose claim is to endure......fantastic

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