Desire - Embrace In Liquid Warmth

If desire is for the demon breed
Then the demon breeds inside of me
If lust is for the devils kin
I am of lust and lost within

The evil eye is searching fast
Throughout the pages of the past
And smashing through the looking glass
Comes a torrent of nightmares feeding,
Breeding as I laugh.

Faint yet fluid embassies of love embrace in liquid warmth
Together they stand, together they fall
Shot down in a mockery of justice
Two brothers - ghost companions upon a deserted dust desert trail
They are sailing the void seeking to know the kiss of infinite wonder.
I wish for them to know, for them to rise and see what I have never seen
And one day I hope to join them, searching the underworld for my
Loved ones, only to ride, breaking the borders of mythology and
Blurring the definitions of reality. Can you hear the world serpent
Moving beneath the waves, son of the father of lies, swallowing
His own tail, who will save us in the end of days?

The tempest is thundering above my head
I can hear the calling of the restless dead
Sleeping hollow in their graves
Numbers placed instead of names.

Have faith in love if nothing else
And when all else is despair
Remember you can share a smile
And for a while someone may care.
Awoken by the girl for whom I long
Calling my name from the world below my tower
They story inverted hath left me a prince perverted
Awaiting a maiden in shining armour
Enticing her through fairy glamour into my power.

No one warned me of the revolution

Always seeking to touch the untouchable
Always seeking to reach the unreachable
Where am I to be found?
Lost upon some isolated beach
Dancing circles in the ground?

by David Lacey

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