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Desire It Makes My Heart So Weep

My frustrated heart it sometimes weeps
For the words I wish I could speak
To tell you how I am truly feeling
How desire for you it sends me reeling

Your kindness it has no measure
My time with you it is a pleasure
Your presence makes me feel brand new
And I know I am in love with you

But we promised to keep it strictly as friends
Just platonic, no twists and romantic trends
A partnership based on honesty and caring
So why is it a sad face I now am wearing

Torn is my heart, by deep routed desire
That tears at my soul like red raging fire
I want to tell you, but am scared if I do
It will be the end of me and you

Love hurts sometimes, and I alone must fight it
For sometimes it remains, unrequited
Is it wrong to be foolish, to love him this way
For I have not found yet the words to say

So desire I hold for him deep in my heart
And tears they fall when we are apart
Love lies bleeding, for want of emotion
And the one I love he has no notion

by sue crocker

Comments (3)

Very touchingly put. Sometimes words are not needed, you can show in other ways that you love him. In any case eyes are the mirror of the soul and they must be telling him all that you feel. Good luck, Sue and thanks for the poem.
There is a poem here at PoemHunter 'Circumstantially Unable To Be Lovers, ' please read! Excellent work, thanks.
for goodness tell him, you can still be friends if he doesnt love you (how can he not!) and if the worst happens then melancoly is a wonderfull inspirer of poetry. It is better to know................ Mick x x x