DM (21/04/88 / Dublin)

Desire On Fire

I close my eyes.
I start to drowse.
I long to sleep, though nothing helps.
No sheep to count or even cows.

You dominate my head.
You paralyse my brain.
You seem so close, though are yet so far.
This drives me nutty, drives me so insane.

I want you in every sense.
I think about you in every way.
You can just imagine how I feel.
I see you and feel embarrassed.
I just don't know what to say.

I yearn your sweet affection.
To know your secret smile.
I see your inner beauty.
I want to kiss you for a while.

I crave to feel your touch.
Along my naked skin.
To share our warmth together.
And to gently guide you in.

Yes, there were others.
But you're my one true first.
And for you alone.
I swear I thirst.

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