Desire's Pain (Sehnsucht)

Poem By Daniele Pinna

Pale the leaves appear to me
crackling below my shallow feet,
slowly regressing for eyes to see;
folding to the fate that each year repeats.

And I, awakened by thoughts so sweet,
gather to me such bold visions
as to hide my body's weak
humble, tender, sublime mission.

What to me does fate reserve,
under this, freezing cloak?
Will my true self hit the nerve
and again in freedom soak?

How does my, poor pen dare
drip its ink upon thy fabric,
fighting what is known up there
hoping to change what seems tragic.

Crispy, frivolous, eerie air,
you hide something, oh, so meek;
you make me tremble here and there
about the truth i wish to seek.

I will not, be so blind,
bending to your crystal eyes;
for what you now, to me detract,
in my journey, cherished, lies.

You may crumble, and all beat,
you can destroy all that you touch;
but you will certainly, as such,
melt in my future's dreadful heat.

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