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Desire To Fly
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Desire To Fly

Poem By Archana Sridhar

Life is a journey full of mystery,
You never know when comes joy and when the misery.
Help me handle,
Both in peace and gentle.

I wanted to fly high,
Like a free bird on the open sky.
I nurtured my dreams day and night
But got it snatched in a flash of a sight.
Like a child’s candy ripped off from her,
I cried cried my vision blur.
With a heavy heart helpless I feel,
Deep within there is a suppressed zeal.
In a cobweb, I got caught,
Struggling to free from the awful knot.
Months went by and years too,
My dreams still fresh yet to come true.
I am no more sad and no more cry,
Because I know I would reach the “sky” which is the ceiling high

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Comments (3)

really beautiful thought with economy of words yet genial that flows luscious with ingenuity, i adore and admire with credit of10+, thanks for sharing
You will definitely fly, as you know what stops you doing that
lovely poem archana, keep writing and do post them for us