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Desire To Play God
NUK ( / Karachi, Pakistan)

Desire To Play God

Once I asked the Farroh "Why proclaimed God?
Just a particle of dust and that's all you are
Someday you will fall and get lost in the past
You are a man after all, like anyone on earth
You eat like a man, you drink like a man
All your needs are like those of a man.
"Why! But you never stopped me." The Farroh smiled.
"You bow down before me and I get the thrill
I push you down more, you go down on you knees
I push you further down and you kiss the ground.
And by God! That's what makes me feel like God".
"But that is not fair." I protected with fear
"Ah! What nonsense is fair!" The Farroh frowned.
"There is a God in every man, however you deny
You are a God for those whomever you command
All you need is power, power over human being
The more power that you get the more drunk you are.
It is too intoxicating for you and me to digest.
Once you get the power, with no limits and bounds
You won't be what you are You too will play God."
I looked into my own soul, there the worst Farroh is hidden.
Starving and striving, with greed and lust,
For power, power over human being.

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