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Desire To Write
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Desire To Write

Poem By samyak jain

desire to write
is over-whelming,
subjects fleeting,
will it be on sainthood,
on Mother Teresa,
will it be on rain, rain
and romance in rains,
or will it be on friendship,
on daily life,
on love, on beloved's
fickleness or remembering
her cherry-red lips,
subjects catching,
but words bobbing up
are not upto mark,
one says enough
simply hang up,
the other saystarry on,
inspiration is on the way,
it will just hit you
like a hurricane
and you will write
mother of all poems,
i wait, iwait, i wait;
mother or father,
nobody from the family
is knocking now.

..a t p

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Instead of A Comment... I take you to My 'Writer's Feel' Yes... an inspiration from this.
Wonderful poem. Second 10 from me. ♥ Lilly ♥
I do agree somewhat with Leonard, the situation chooses you at times I would say. There are times when I'll say to myself I want to write a poem, sit down and the words just flow onto paper, other times for eg. at 5: am, I'll wake sit at the computer and my fingers quickly type without stopping then the last dot and I'll read that poem and say I didn't write that, who wrote that. It's very strange what happens to me at times. If a friend passes on and a family member asks me to write an elegy or eulogy, I just sit and write it. I always talk to God about it first. I think this probably a common thing.
Aasiq, Well said, well crafted but remember, you don't chose the situation, the situation chooses you. The situation uses you as a mouth piece.
be more alert...the knock is too soft and gentle to be heard...