Metro Rail

Though hungry,
I enjoy metro rail
Here in Kolkota.
I keep my memories
In tact.

What was/is there
In my memories?
I open laptop,
I visit poem hunter. Com,
I read so many poets,
I learn so many things,
I enjoy so many colours
Of the sky.

And the name of each
Metro station, I can't
Tell you right now.
No need to tell also,
It is all available
In google search.

I am to enjoy
Metro rail,
And no more
To say.

by Gajanan Mishra

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Instead of A Comment... I take you to My 'Writer's Feel' Yes... an inspiration from this.
Wonderful poem. Second 10 from me. ♥ Lilly ♥
I do agree somewhat with Leonard, the situation chooses you at times I would say. There are times when I'll say to myself I want to write a poem, sit down and the words just flow onto paper, other times for eg. at 5: am, I'll wake sit at the computer and my fingers quickly type without stopping then the last dot and I'll read that poem and say I didn't write that, who wrote that. It's very strange what happens to me at times. If a friend passes on and a family member asks me to write an elegy or eulogy, I just sit and write it. I always talk to God about it first. I think this probably a common thing.
Aasiq, Well said, well crafted but remember, you don't chose the situation, the situation chooses you. The situation uses you as a mouth piece.
be more alert...the knock is too soft and gentle to be heard...