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Desires For A Cheating Wife
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

Desires For A Cheating Wife

I would rather be stabbed with a rusty kitchen knife
Than to again be married to a cheating wife,
That pain in my body I could easier withstand
Than that of a cheating woman wearing my wedding band.

I would much rather be smacked in the face with cleats
Than to be kissed by a woman, a wife who cheats,
My skin would someday heal and it would not decay
But, the taste of her vile lips would never go away.

I would rather be in my bed with ants and an anteater
Than to share my bed ever again with a wife who is a cheater,
Both of them would end up with something to gain
But, only one would enjoy it when I am in agony and pain.

I would much rather live my life in anguish and a sufferer
Than to survive again with a wife who is a liar and an adulterer,
That type of woman and suffering there is but one answer
An adulterous wife is worse than any type of cancer.

I do not want an unfaithful wife's grave placed next to mine
And I don't want us to ever rest in the same church or shrine,
When the worms come to consume her meat and bone
Her soul and her body should be suffering, and all alone.

Never again do I want a wife who is also a whore
With the life that I know now, I couldn't survive it anymore,
A wife who continuous and flauntingly has affairs
How could a man live with her, without drugs, alcohol and prayers.

Randy L. McClave

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