(June 15,1942 / Aravayal, karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, South India)

Desires For Beauties

He is too handsome to go in jail;
She is too pretty to be punished.
Thus enjoys the charm of one's good looking.
Good looking is a qualification.

Eyes search for beauties in a concert.
Eyes befriend beauties in a party.
Talked to by beauties, one is elated.
Blunders of beauties are tolerated.

With a pretty face, her voice grows sweeter.
With a curve figure, her dance looks dearer.
A beautiful one cannot be wicked;
Thus goes human's mind, blinded by attraction.

Beauty scores fevour and discount one's flaws.
Appearance consciousness is beauty.
Hygiene and elegance add to beauty.
Well groomed, well behaved, one is a beauty.

Unlike woman, man is polygamous.
Unlike man, woman is kept from adultery.
As long as man's sexual perversion goes
There lies desire to fish beauties with baits.

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The poem deals with mutual attraction between man and woman, their affairs, sexual desires and the probable ways to satisfy that, difference of opinion and approach with regard to marriage and its sanctity. Highly thought provoking. Thanks.