Desires Of Your Heart

Daily keeping an eye on your desire, remember where you did start.
You were plucked from the fire, and then Jesus Christ set you apart.
Through your life, it is God’s desire, that His message you do impart.
God, who reigns heavens higher, will grant the desires of your heart.

Friend, as we live our lives for God, He fills believers with His Grace.
Working upon this earth men trod, God may move us place to place.
He guides us with staff and rod, as He shines upon us with His face.
As we do our jobs to honor God, Christ draws others into His Grace.

The Lord will use you as He needs, to shine your light on your world.
Through your life Christ sows seeds, this as your witness is unfurled.
Through your work and your deeds, New Life by you God will herald.
As a shepherd The Savior leads, with our desires to reach the world.

Your desires, by God are not ignored, this as you live your daily life.
If you delight yourself in The Lord, desires will be granted by Christ.
Friend in your job Christ will afford, a place for you to be a sacrifice.
So men can meet who you’ve adored, and accept Him into their life.

God will give you your heart’s desire, as He sets your goals higher.
As Christ leads you to the place, so He can lead men to His Grace.
Christ will use your daily deeds, for men to see their eternal needs.
And with your desires Jesus Christ, will lead others to Eternal Life.

(Copyright ©02/2006)

by Bob Gotti

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Words written so true. Regards Patricia
Hey Bob, I attended my brother-in-law’s church last week and they had this enormous aquarium behind the pulpit. The pastor pointed out the sharks and talked about how they represented the devil. Then on cue, as the choir sang some crescendo-y type thing, church employees on ladders dropped raw meat into the tank and the sharks went crazy tearing it apart. Some of the congregants were visibly shaken by the spectacle, kids were crying, and one elderly lady even threw up. But I thought the demonstration was fantastic. It really made the point that we have to stay away from the ocean of temptation, otherwise Jesus will stand on a ladder and, despite our cries for mercy, dropp us into a shark tank.