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Poem By Miss Fairytale

Spoken words rest stagnant in rigid mouths
Burnt flesh flakes softly from barely-grown bones
Fields of lovers scatter landscapes,
Pure hearts arrow-punctured.

Blood breaks and bones bleed
Sweeping black over rainbow shades
Hearts leak sweetly
And each eye drops an ocean.

Harvest of children
Mass murder on divine ground
No defining lost nor found.
Nowhere is everywhere.

Desolate land
Once home for thousands
Until toy soldiers came and destroyed

Their master; the blind commander
Snugly wrapped in green-paper blankets
Shooting words
Spraying orders.

We'll be the jack-in-the-box
For your amusement.
Under oppressive authority.
He lacks meaning but his presence is unforgivable.

Enjoy the silence of bangs and booms
Before your head is blown,
Snowflake scattered upon body-bag fields
With everyone else.

Toy soldiers watch, ready to swoop
Carnage crammed into their carcasses.
Remain eyeless and cold
You'll survive the headlines;

Bold-black on white echoes bullet wounds
Ink rubbed onto skylines
Scarring words into the world
Reality turns fiction on this side of television.

Edited honesty, an artificial war
Blows up faces.
We need to hear gunfire and split souls
But we remain snug, wrapped up
In paper-blanket ignorance.

- 30th June 2003

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