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Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

If I did not spend my time with you.
Whenever moments wraps you in despair.
You wouldn't believe for you I cared.

If I did not make attempts to comfort you.
And made negative comments,
I would not do.
Neither I or you would approve of it.

But I do recall,
My own experiences with doubt.
And disappointments discussed.
With just you to help me out.
To then be told,
When I opened my mouth...
"It ain't all about you! "

And then I knew.
Without a hint or clue.
If it's not all about you,
What others go through...
Doesn't matter.

But to know that.
And accept as fact.
Does not prevent me,
From caring.
Or wanting you to remain in despair.
I respect who you are.
And maybe one day,
What I have shown to you.
You will know it to feel for others.
You ever find that time,
To step away from yourself.
As difficult as it may be.
But I have faith you will heal,
From that kind of pain to feel.

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