Alone in the dark, the blood of blackberries
dripping down his shins, the morning star
looking back in the mirror through which he gazes,

moon-eyed and at odds with himself, he presses
his palms, but the nightmare doesn’t stop.
The sky turns and nothing this moment matters.

Not even the cold thorns of the blind wind
blowing hellward, not even the poisoned rainbow
that lights his prayers can give meaning to doubt.

The sullen belladonna that pricks his mind
will not comfort him in this final hour
and no guardian angel will come to touch his brow.

by Leo Yankevich

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Brilliantly written... best wishes, mehreen
Brilliant poem.. I love the imagery in it and the reference to 'belladonna'... the last 3 lines tie it together beautifully. Pablo Neruda wrote a poem about the person who would be there to close his eyes when he dies... this reminds me of that... really good. Yuri*