We Will Rise!

Roaming the sands of time
with fire in our eyes
we will rise
blood thirsty and will kill at will
we are neather man or machines
we are the enemy that be
mercilous we pray
vicisouly we lay waste
our enemies shake in fear at our wake
deceat and deception will be our calling card
and death is our form of mercy
this realm of mortaility is our only deprevity
We feel nothing no more
hardened by the outcome of our bounty
we kill, nay, slaughter them
the taste of tainted flesh has polluted our souls
our minds eat pain
take one good look at me
we are the sum of all your fears
we lurk in corner of your nightmares
we own the night
we own your souls
stand and be slain
we beseach the blessings of none
and beg for the day to dismember our enemies
we will rise!

by Callum Kyle

Comments (5)

with its mixed images i can relate to some but not to others. perhaps because i'm a man? it strikes me that writing their own poems/images in response to the subject of despair might make an interesting exercise for a group of gathered poets. -gk
Cannot read this without feeling her pain bleeding from every word... both intensely personal and about what is universal to women.
The love that said forever, forever! ! Love and art! Facing the odds. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Well expressed poem by Anne Sexton👍👍👍
A poem full of emptiness.