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Despair Is A Mad Man
SN (13th October 1980 / lagos, nigeria)

Despair Is A Mad Man

Your thoughts are not too heavy for your heart
It is only foolery that makes it seem so
You think till you are hot
And then say you are sick
You cry in shameless misery
And lament your fate
Why me becomes a ballad
And you call the tune till tears drop
Despair is a mad man
Yet you befriend him
He goes causing a nuisance
But you seek him
Insanity has no friend they say
Still you go near to become mad as well
You go looking long and hard for gloom
If you are not mad, then you must be a fool
You do not pray
Nor invoke celestial beings
You do not sing
Nor chase dolour from your soul
You do not play
Nor fill your mind with gaiety
All you do is drone and cry
For all that has been
That should not
You make despair a nagging companion
And gain nothing by the business.

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despair is a mad man, wow