Our Martyrs, Our Soul

It was the time of the worst love day, when our country saw this black day. Evening was wrapped in the scarf of mourn, it felt to me as a disastrous storm. Forgetting their humanity they attacked on our flowers, we drenched in grief they felt triumph on their powers. That dawn was veiled under the shroud of grief, even Nature was weeping with her frightened eyes. Screaming of mothers echoed in heaven, cruelty felt pity for our daring soldiers. Universe was flooded in fear and anger, even Nature was looking as the avenger. My soul, my heart, my mind is weeping, how can i forget this fearful evening.

by Shraddha Tiwari

Comments (6)

I can feel the despair in this piece, yet a powerful resolve to overcome it! Wonderfully written. Blessings. Sheila
That poem was really good, it made me think. Keep writing and keep cool, smiles N hugs, Willow: -)
The poem is so metaphysical and deep, agains't all diabolic nature, indeed the poem can wash creation's by negation and despair.maxim muyu.
I liked the last line best. It saved it.
Very good indeed: -)
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