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Desperate For Acceptance
( / Connecticut)

Desperate For Acceptance

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Seeking popularity.
An attention to get it.
Is a journey one commits,
To satisfy a taste one has craved.

Desperate for acceptance.
Wanting everything done to be approved.
No mind on a mission,
Gets rest or sleep.
Knowing someone else has,
What it is they want too.

There are those,
Who seem unable to believe.
Popularity and acceptance,
Has little to do...
With demeaning others to mock.
Portray them as being fools.
Just to have a reputation,
Of imitating fools so well.
So effective,
This stays to leave a lasting impression.
So effective,
Is one desperate for acceptance to get.

"You ain't nothing but a fool.
A clown.
We can depend on you doing something stupid.
And that's the only reason,
We enjoy having you around.
You make us laugh...at you."

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