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Desperate Indecision
( / Connecticut)

Desperate Indecision

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

No one should feel safe.
Remaining in the state of desperate indecision.
Giving no opinion made.
To think of themselves on a fence to stay.
Not today.
Neither is it okay.
For anyone to remain uncommitted.
With this belief to keep that way.
By now,
Everyone should know what time it is.
And be on the move to do something to prove.
If only to themselves.
No one else has to be involved.
Even yesterday was too late.
To await for one's faith to be in place.
Knowing it could be depended upon.
And not to have that at all,
Is worse than having a mind stalled.
Between reason and purpose.
Leaving not one to choose or pick.
That alone condoned self inflicts a sickness.
Someone like this wishes to be free.
But why and to do what?
When their mind remains confined.
Wasting time spending it to find,
themselves indecisive and divided.
Betwixt and committed to stay between.

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