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Desperate To Have Conversation
( / Connecticut)

Desperate To Have Conversation

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

No matter what is said.
To whom it is said and how.
If the listener is not ready,
Or has patience enough to comprehend...
Whatever is said,
And to whom it is said and how...
That point attempted to be made,
Will offend if eye contact is not established...
From the beginning.
To first gain permission into the mind of someone,
Who can tell without a word spoken...
Whether or not whoever speaks,
Is sincere enough to give attention.

People with eyes cast down.
Or looking from side to side,
Are not prepared or ready for the truth.
And there is nothing like asking someone to repeat,
What has been said that has been addressed to the ground.

One is so desperate to have conversation,
To lay upon the ground is not beneath them.
And there is an urgency to have it done,
No matter whose mouth these words may come.

I'm here for you.
Here to understand your needs.'

~This is most embarrassing.~

'For who? '

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