Desperately Hollow

My pain drips, like a broken faucet, my heart rips, and i know ive lost it.
I can feel the dark shadow of past and present, it is waiting to

consume, the feeling is very unpleasant, sometimes i will forget, for just
a little bit, then the sorrow resumes. Such emotions, very dumb, i gave

you my devotion, i fall into a sleepness of numb. Why should i feel im
out of place? why must i look upon another face? Can't you see, it is

just fair, what if you were me, you'd feel my loneliness of knowing you
do not care. i need not know of your lies, i do not care of your sexual

behaviors, i shield away and hide behind my cries, every memory of
you i grasp and savor. Remember my love, i leave you to fill my

thoughts, i feel this heaviness above, love and hate you've brought.
You walk in and out of my world, with faint footsteps for me to follow, it

feels like thru a million windows im hurled, leaving scarred glass
inprinted of my pain, inside i'm desperatly hollow. I feel deprived, and i

feel, love, i'm being starved, i'm completely lost eternally inside, the
pain inside my mind is forever carved. No more do i feel sublime, and

now i'm ending these words i rhyme...

by Audrey O'shea

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