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Desperately Wanting
KC (1/30/1989 / Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

Desperately Wanting

Poem By Kandyce Cox

My arms are bared
Open for you to return
Waiting for the first glint of light
When twilight becomes daylight
And your smile appears above the sheets
When our love began beneath the blankets
Never ending
A cascading fall of wonderment
I know this is not just another youthful mirage
When i wave my hands affront me you are still there
Grabbing hold to my hand and caressing my heart

Tender love and care
Scattered everywhere
Through the hurt and the pain
Past the looks of shock and disdain
And how can we blame such a wonderful thing
Something sweet as love
Many people search a lifetime
But we only wondered a few years

And i must apologize
For the trouble i have been
And for the sin
Against you because of you
All i knew was this

I wanted you for so long and forever
and when i got you
I held on tight
So tight i cut off your air
And i know it is just not fair
But the feel of your breath on my skin
Oh it drives me to extremities
The remedy
To my pain
To my everything
And through it all i am still here
Baring my arms
Waiting on your save trip home
To where you belong
A love that is so right
Yet so wrong

I bet you never knew
I would fall for someone like you
And you for me
And daily you wonder how could this be
I know
Because i do too
I never knew it existed nor would it ever
A pair like you and me

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